Fee Guidelines

Fees at Green Compliance Plus are determined based on project size (SF), project complexity, and the client’s requirements. Each project receives a fee quote based on the client’s stated compliance goals and the degree of complexity of the design. The fees shown here are suggested guidelines based on the scope of work required. To receive a quote, please contact us and submit the project information as described on the What We Need From You page.

Type 1: Exploratory Design Phase

  • Goal is to take basic design and test assumptions, make comparisons between possible alternatives.
  • Applies to gut rehabs as well as new construction
  • Up to 8 iterations or 4 calendar weeks
  • Typical fee is $600 for projects up to 3000 SF
  • For projects over 3000 SF, fee is based on $0.20/SF

Type 2: Submittal Package

  • For projects that are close to submittal, where all features and systems are already known
  • Up to 4 iterations
  • Standard turnaround is 1 week, but allow additional time if you need to discuss alternatives with your client
  • Typical fee is $600 up to 3000 SF or $0.20/SF

Type 3: Addition Alone

  • For remodel projects where the addition or renovation is all in one area, including pre-existing modifications that now need to be legalized
  • Assumes imminent submittal
  • 4 iterations, 1 week turnaround
  • Note that we may have to do Whole House if the addition won’t pass on its own
  • Typical fee is $500 for addition alone up to 1000 SF, with an additional $250 if we have to re-run it as a Whole House

Type 4: Whole House

  • For remodel projects where the affected areas occur throughout the house
  • Up to 4 iterations
  • Typical fee is $600 up to 3000 SF/$0.20 SF, except for Addition Alone projects that didn’t pass for just the addition

Type 5: Prescriptive

  • For simple remodels that fall within the prescriptive Title 24 guidelines for glazing area limits
  • Typical fee is $600/$0.20 SF


Surcharges may apply depending on project conditions.

  • Priority processing
  • Multiple heating zones
  • Intricate modeling (pitched roofs, courtyards, additional surfaces, mixed opaque surface compositions, overhangs)

When do we bill?

  • Upon delivery of finalized, signed, client-approved Title 24 report that shows the project as passing
  • Only exception is the grandfathering – we bill for our time, and we’ll do everything possible to get it to pass

What don’t we charge for?

  • Questions are always encouraged, and we don’t charge anyone for asking questions
  • Plotting and printing is already included in the base fee quote

What’s the typical turnaround time?

Usually it’s a week, sometimes more if there’s a lot of discussion that needs to happen prior to finalizing the report. Once we’ve had a chance to look at the project, and we’ve heard from you what your desired submittal date is, we can work back from there. If you’re getting ready for a submittal, and you’ve already got the design worked out, including systems and window products, it’s generally a week with some back-and-forth.

If you’re doing preliminary modeling to test the feasibility of various systems or design features for energy compliance, it can take up to 8 iterations and the discussions may go on for a few weeks. Sometimes you will need to discuss various options with your clients for budgetary reasons, and you should allow adequate time for that in your scheduling.