What We Need From You

Here’s the project information that we need both to generate a quote, and to actually complete the Title 24 report. Even for small additions, it’s helpful to have as much information on the entire building as possible in case we end up having to run it as a Whole House.


  • Site plan with north arrow
  • Roof plan
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations of all exterior walls including ones not visible from street
  • Door and window schedules including skylights
  • Sections as needed to show wall assemblies (insulation) and non-rectilinear interior volumes


  • Narrative description of changes for remodels
  • Heating, cooling, and water heating systems including efficiencies if known
  • Framing type and stud dimensions for walls, floor, and roof
  • Note location of any slab-on-grade flooring
  • Location of ductwork
  • Window type, dimensions, composition, and manufacturer if known
  • Window U factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient if known, for both new and existing windows
  • For remodels, wall insulation and window types for the existing building, even areas that are not changing

Beyond compliance goals

  • Greenpoints, whether checklist or full rating
  • Rebate programs such as New Solar Homes Partnership
  • LEED for Homes
  • Local green building ordinances
  • Client desires for sustainability, energy efficiency, etc.