Many of the supplemental verifications for Title 24 compliance must be done by third-party consultants who are certified through various programs. Consultants, who are listed here by permission, are professionals that we have carefully selected after evaluating their credentials and overall abilities.

The three most common verifications that Title 24 reporting is also used for are:

  • HERS – Needed for field verifications of materials and systems, such as duct leakage testing, air-conditioner refrigerant testing, or verified insulation quality. The HERS rater is also responsible for filing follow-up paperwork for Title 24 with the State of California.
  • CEPE – Needed for California’s New Solar Homes Partnership rebate
  • GreenPoints – Two tiers, a checklist and an actual formal rating. Some local jurisdictions now require a GreenPoints checklist with submittals, and may even require that the home receive a full GreenPoint rating assessment after completion.

Current Affiliates

  • Robert Lehman, Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE), GreenPoint rater, HERS rater, LEED AP, ICC certifications, CABEC. Rob has a extensive background both in construction and as a building official. After graduating from Humboldt State University with a degree in Industrial Arts with a construction emphasis, Rob worked in construction as a foreman and later as head of his own firm for 10 years. He also worked as an engineering inspector and served as a building official for towns across northern California. For the City of San Jose, Rob has worked as a field inspector for commercial and residential buildings, and currently serves as a Construction Manager for the City of San Jose Building Department. His firm, Green Score Solutions, also has considerable experience with multifamily energy retrofits. Email Rob or call 408-425-2640.
  • Matt Macko and Environmental Building  Strategies combine expertise in construction, finance, real-estate  investing, and sustainability to help make new and existing buildings  more profitable through improvements to their facilities. Their  capabilities include building commissioning, ENERGY STAR  certification, LEED for Homes and other LEED certifications,  GreenPoint rating, and HERS verification. As sustainability and energy  consultants for commercial and residential projects, they offer services such as life cycle cost analysis, energy audits, load  reduction analysis, and building efficiency consulting. One service  that EBS offers that not many residential owners have thought of:  they’ve created software for measuring the cost-effectiveness of various energy improvements, called Sustainability Financial Impact  Analysis™. Email Matt or call 415.329.7100
  • John Eckstein is a green building consultant for both energy and air quality, with a background in HVAC systems. Through his company The Performing Home, John offers GreenPoint Rating, HERS verifications,  and home energy audits. A second company, ECA Mold, does mold and allergen testing including VOC off-gassing diagnostics. We interviewed John recently right here on Green Compliance Plus. More interesting things about John: he lived in Japan for several years, he’s currently working towards a degree in family counseling, and he’s fond of animals. Email John or call him at 650.888.6951.
  • Miles Hancock has been in the construction industry for over 25 years and has worked on both commercial and residential projects from design to completion. Miles is a certified combination inspector as well as a certified energy plans examiner (CEPE), and has been providing Title 24 energy compliance documentation since 2004. As an adjunct faculty member at the College of San Mateo, he teaches the State of California Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Miles developed the locally adopted energy standards for the City of Los Altos and assisted with the implementation of that City’s Green Building Ordinance. Miles is also certified as a Green Point Rater by Build It Green™ and provides GreenPoint Rated services to Architects, Designers, Contractors and Homeowners. As a HERS rater, he assists clients with energy efficiency performance verifications for their projects. Mr. Hancock focuses on training professional in sustainable and energy courses. You can contact Miles at 650-424-1189 or via email.
  • Andrew E. Arnold, president of Steven Arnold Civil Engineering, Inc. has over 10 years of experience as a structural engineer and as a registered Civil Engineer, specializing in wood frame construction. Andrew is a Certified GreenPoint Rater and Green Building Professional with extensive knowledge of the effects that structural detailing can have on energy performance. He is experienced with energy modeling software such as Energy Pro, and is also trained in the use of the Passive House Planning Package software from Passive House US. Andrew holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic University, and an M.S. in Structural Engineering from UC San Diego. Email Andrew or call 415-786-9622.
  • Alan Ross Hugenot, Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE), California Certified Energy Analyst (CEA), and HERS rater. Beyond his 20 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer and Building Commissioning Agent, Alan is also a nautical engineer with a lifelong passion for sailing. Email Alan or call 415-816-1692.