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Slab Edge Insulation and Termites: A Solution

Slab Edge Insulation and Termites: A Solution

Posted on 13. Jun, 2009 by .


Interview with Bill Michelson, CEPE, San Joaquin County Building Inspector from November 2008

In GCP No.12, we had published an explanation of the slab edge insulation requirements which are required by Title 24 when specifying radiant heated floor slabs. We illustrated that prior discussion with examples of slab edge insulation as shown in the 2005 Residential Compliance Manual.

However, being practicing architects and architectural engineers ourselves, we also push projects through permitting, construction and final inspections, which allow us firsthand knowledge of how Title 24 requirements interface with building inspection requirements. So, after discussing those slab insulation details last week with one of our colleagues, Bill Michelson, CEPE who is a San Joaquin County Building Inspector, he mentioned one glitch in those Title 24’s details which Building Inspectors find troublesome in zones where termites are a problem, but he also recommended a solution, and here is that interview.


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