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California Energy Upgrade Incentives

California Energy Upgrade Incentives

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 by .


Recently, Green Compliance Plus was contacted by Jeffery Liang of Ecology Action, a nonprofit group engaged to promote information to the public about the rebates and incentives available through Energy Upgrade CA. Here’s the result of our conversation.

What is Energy Upgrade CA?

It’s a statewide incentive program for California homeowners that offers rebates for overall energy improvements. In the past, utilities like PG&E have offered rebates for single measures, like a furnace upgrade. However, this is a bit like going to the doctor and getting a cure without first getting an overall diagnosis. This program attempts to rectify this piecemeal approach by encouraging homeowners to start with a complete home energy audit in order to understand where the biggest shortfalls really are within their particular home.

The way it works is the homeowner selects a qualified contractor (see below), who performs the initial energy audit, physically installs the energy upgrades, and then submits the rebate paperwork to the utility company on behalf of the homeowner.


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