Mark English in the San Francisco Chronicle

Mark English in the San Francisco Chronicle

Posted on 20. Aug, 2009 by in Shameless Self-Promotion

There’s more than one way to be green, and the San Francisco Chronicle has featured Mark English touting old-fashioned thrift over more showy forms of environmental non-consumption – even the very same stuff we were talking about only last week.

So yes, reuse where you can, and make your home more efficient first, before you put in those solar arrays that will make your neighbors “green” with envy. Then when your neighbor is showing off his new solar roof tiles, you can counter by saying that your home uses so little energy already that you decided to put your money towards a “living carpet” instead.

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  1. Schuyler Morgan

    24. Feb, 2013

    I was impressed by an article written by Rebecca Firestone a few months back about “Anne Fougeron’s take on the City of the Future” that talked about indoor urban farming. I’d like to talk to her about that article and see if she’d like to be a speaker on a panel about the subject. Please ask her to call me at 510-653-6868 or email me with her contact info that includes the best time to reach her.

    Thank you,
    Schuyler Morgan

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