New Title 24 is 15% Stricter

New Title 24 is 15% Stricter

Posted on 11. Jun, 2009 by in Regulatory Changes

EVERYTHING CHANGES AUGUST FIRST: The new 2008 Title 24, which becomes mandatory after August 1, 2009, is 15% more stringent than the 2005 version was, and also creates a whole new set of electronic filing requirements.

HERS VERIFICATIONS NOW MAKE SENSE: Under the new energy code, just to reach basic Title 24 compliance, it will now be necessary to be more creative. For many existing remodels and even for most new construction, it will often be impossible to reach compliance without a HERS rating. Where formerly we strove to avoid the added nuisance of opting for any HERS-rating verifications, the new energy code has changed so that HERS duct testing is now a desirable option which improves the buildings energy efficiency at a minimal cost.

The CEC estimates that HERS duct sealing verifications will now be four times as popular as they were previously under the 2005 Title 24.

NEW ELECTRONIC FILING REQUIREMENTS: Also after August 1, 2009, all CF-4R certificates which are required prior to occupancy must be registered with a HERS provider online (i.e. CalCERTS, CHEERS or CBPCA). Further, after October 2010, all Title 24 documentation including the original CF-1R, which reports the Performance Model, will have to also be filed online with a HERS-Provider.

This now means that any Architect submitting permit applications, in any jurisdiction, will be required by the state of California to have an association with a HERS-provider in order to process their permits online.

WE WANT TO MAKE THIS EASY FOR YOU: Our goal is to remove the hassle of Title 24 for our clients. So, given these facts:

  1. HERS-rated duct testing and sealing verifications will now become the least expensive option of choice to reach compliance
  2. Our clients will now need to file the CF-1R’s online through a HERS-provider prior to permitting and plans review, and also file the post construction Builder’s CF-6R’s and the HERS-Raters CF-4R certificates on line prior to occupancy

… We at Green Compliance Plus have decided to add HERS-Ratings to our package of complete Residential and Non-residential Title 24 services, so that all these filings can be handled for our clients through our offices.

To do so we have become HERS raters for both Existing Homes and for New Construction, and we have joined CalCERTS as our HERS-provider so that you can have access through us. Also, because we can now do the post construction HERS-verification testing on the project site for you, we now provide complete “Cradle to Cradle” green compliance for your projects, from schematic design to occupancy.

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