What Do HERS Raters Do?

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As registered and certified Home Energy Raters, we are trained by our HERS Provider (CalCERTS) to evaluate onsite installation techniques, take key measurements,  perform inspections and duct testing procedures to verify a home’s energy efficient performance, and then electronically file with our HERS provider (CalCERTS) the Title 24 forms which verify that a new home matches the CF-1R created by the Title 24 Author.

Completion of Field Verification. As HERS-Raters we conduct on-site Third Party Field Verification and diagnostic testing of the completed construction and then fills out the Title 24, CF-4R Certificate of Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing, This field verification ensures that energy-saving measures are consistent with the chosen performance guidelines as specified in the CF-1R issued by the Title 24 Documentation Author. As the  HERS-Rater we follow the inspection protocols and testing guidelines of our Provider (CalCERTS). The full testing process may include a blower door test (to test the leakiness of the houses thermal envelope), a duct blaster test (to test the leakiness of the duct system), and even a smoke test to locate the duct leaks. This may be followed with completion of a thermal bypass checklist (a visual inspection of common construction areas where air can flow through or around insulation

Forms Processing: As the HERS-Rater we then process the CF-4R and CF-6R forms electronically through our HERS Provider (CalCERTS) who administers a State-approved rating system and maintains the completed Title 24 forms electronically. The local Building Department Official will require the CF-6R form to finalize the Building Permit, and provide a Certificate of Occupancy. Also the Building Department Official may require a copy of the CF-4R to be filed with the final permit sign-off.

Energy Star for Homes & GreenPoint Rating: Finally, if the local jurisdiction utilizes GreenPoint ratings in their residential energy code, as most of the jurisdictions in Bay area and Northern California are beginning to do. Then as your HERS-Rater we will also verify the homes GreenPoint rating in accordance with Build-It-Green’s GreenPoint checklist. If the homeowner wants to achieve EPA’s Energy Star for homes ratings, then as HERS-Rater we can also provide that, as well as verifications for the various Tax Incentive programs which have been created to stimulate Energy Efficiency.


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  2. jim dobrinen

    24. Jan, 2013

    i,am a semiretired gc would like to find out what it takes to get training cert, for a hers rater. also need names of manufactures of needed tools equipment for such tests . any guidedence towards this goal would be very much appreciated jim

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