What Do Energy Analysts Do?

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Registered California Certified Energy Analysts (CEA’s) such as ourselves can assist Architects, Builders and Developers through:

Existing Home Energy Audits: The Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) performs a site survey of an existing home and identifies all energy consuming equipment; Lighting, HVAC and Appliances. The CEA also measures the home and determines R-values and U-values for the existing building envelope. Performing a general ducting and systems visual inspection, looking at hot water tank blankets and insulation, hot water re-circ systems etc. The CEA may also decide that a duct blower test or door blower test, usually done by a HERS-rater may be required to determine the tightness of the building and ducting leakage.
Selection of Energy-Efficiency Measures (ECM’s) and Certifications:  The CEA then identifies appropriate ECM’s by simulating the home’s energy usage with a Title 24 Energy Efficiency Modeling program. The results of this analysis allow the CEA to select the most effective upgrades to meet the intended certification of Title 24, Energy Star, Green Point Ratings, LEED for Neighborhoods, Federal Tax Credits or New Solar Homes Partnerships, within the specific performance guidelines.

New Homes Title 24 Documentation & Modeling: California Certified Energy Analysts (CEA’s) serve as Title 24 Documentation Authors for Architects, Builders and Developers, by providing the official forms documenting the INTENDED (CF-1R), INSTALLED (CF-6R),  and  the VERIFIED &TESTED SYSTEMS (CF-4R).
Note: Some California jurisdictions (for example Stockton) are now requiring that any permit applications requiring Title 24 documentation, must be authored by a CABEC-certified CEPE or CEA.

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