Title 24 and HERS: The Only Two Key Project Roles

Posted on 25. May, 2009 by in Project Management, Shameless Self-Promotion

We often get asked, “Who does what with Energy Compliance?” with regard to new residential construction and existing residential remodels. The traditional roles of Architect, Building Contractor, and Sub Contractors are well understood. But, as energy efficiency has become more regulated and the documentation required by the California Energy Efficiency Code (Title 24) has become more complicated…

… there has been a parallel proliferation of various Energy Experts and different Energy Raters each claiming to be the Real Green Expert. This seeming power vacuum has spawned a plethora of organizations competing for market share and each claiming to be the True Green Authority, some with governmental sanctions, but many without any official charter what-so-ever.

Unfortunately, in this free market we now have: BUILD-IT-GREEN, the CEC, CalCERTS, CBPCA, CHEERS, CABEC, CSLB, CARB, CEE, CPUC, CHPS, CalSEIA, DSIRE, EPA, Energy Star, EERE, IREC, LBNL, NCSEA, NREL, REPP, ResNET, SBIC, and finally in last place for residential and definitely not LEED…ing the pack is the USGBC, with LEED for Neighborhoods. Yet, this alphabet soup does not even include the public utilities which also have their own proliferation of sub-agencies….. So you might well be left asking, “Who are all these people?….. The short answer is….

“At Green Compliance Plus® we strive to be all of those people for you”.

The underlying truth hidden beneath the green chaos is that, on any project there are actually only (2) players that make any difference where energy is concerned; the Title 24 Documents Author (a CEPE or CEA certified by CABEC), and the HERS-Rater (certified by CalCERTS, CBPCA, or CHEERS). These are the guys with the official sanctions from the State of California to actually file the necessary paperwork.

Here at Green Compliance Plus® we are certified and licensed by California to do both halves of the Energy Analysis and Verifications for you. In my next post I’ll explain what Energy Analysts and HERS Raters do.

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